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Do you know how to assist a massage recliner?

Do you know how to assist a massage recliner?

Dear  Customer,

Are you still worried about installing a massage chair? Are you confused for all the parts of a massage chair?

Below a video show you how to install a massage chair easily.

1.First, check all the parts about the massage power lift chair according to the instruction.

It includes chair base & backrest & left and right armrest & power cord & massage control & power source & lift control & parts & Line.

2.Second, make the removole left and right armrest on the seat;

3.Third, connect the back and the seat by a plug;

4.Fourth,Connecting the massage line.

5.Finally, try the whole function of the chair by the remote.

More questions pls ask JKY group for help.

Thank you and have a nice day.



JKY group

Post time: Jan-17-2022