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Leather Power Lift Recliners

Leather Power Lift Recliners

Product size:82*90*108cm(W*D*H);
Packing size:79*76*70cm(W*D*H);
Load Capacity of :20GP:63pcs
40HQ: 135pcs

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1>JKY Modern Design Lift Chair Easy Comfort Recliner Rising Electric Chair Help stand up and have a good relax.
We use the remote control for power lift chair which can add the the USB charger on it, and the buttons are very simple and easy to control the function .
This Power Lift Chair is a three position lift chair – closed, partial recline, and full recline. Through the convenient remote control you can stop the chair at any position from closed to fully reclined or any position in-between. This chair is a medium size chair best suited for people . The power lift chair also features a convenient side pocket to store magazines, newspapers, or the remote control. It is equipped with a steel lift mechanism (150KGS weight limit).
Model JKY-9141 Power lift chairs provide a personal independence and assist anyone that needs help sitting down or standing back up.
Ideal for watching television, sleeping, reading, or simply to sit back and relax. With the remote control button the chair gently rises or reclines. The electric motor provides a smooth transition from recline to a standing position, making it ideal for persons who have difficulty getting into or out of a chair.
These chairs are made by JKY Furniture. JKY Furniture is a subsidiary of Pride Living Room Furniture. Like the Power Lift Chair ,Home Theater Sofa Set,All recliner, indoor product manufacturing.

2>Single motor / Dual Motors both are available, if dual motors , chair lift/off and recline down separate control.
Normally our chair reclining is 165degrees, if you want the chair to reclining to the 180degrees, we can also reach , just use dual motors, same mechanism, and adjust the stroke motors, then it can reach the flat bed positions.

3>Cover: PU Leather/Air Leather/Bonded leather/Genuine Leather
Linen Fabric/Normal Fabric/Tech Fabric/Holland Velvet/Chenille..
Tech Fabric is very smooth and feels very good,and this is the top seller cover material which is with below advantages:
1. Durable
3. Good air permeability
3. The human body feels good
4. Be classy

4>Product size:82*90*108cm(W*D*H);
5>Packing size:79*76*70cm(W*D*H);
6>Load Capacity of :20GP:63pcs
40HQ: 135pcs

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