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Who Needs A Rise And Recline Chair?

Who Needs A Rise And Recline Chair?

These chairs are ideal for older adults who are finding it harder to get out of their seat unaided. This is completely natural – as we age, we lose muscle mass and don’t have as much strength and power to easily push ourselves up.

They can also help people who find it difficult to sit down – a custom recliner chair will ensure the seat is at the optimum height for your parent.

Electric recliner chairs can also benefit:

● Someone with chronic pain, such as arthritis.

● Anyone who regularly naps in their chair. The reclining function means they will be more supported and more comfortable.

● An individual who has fluid retention (oedema) in their legs and needs to keep them elevated.

● People who have vertigo or are prone to falling over, as they have more support when moving positions.


Post time: Nov-29-2021