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  • Looking for a versatile recliner for the elderly?

    Looking for a versatile recliner for the elderly?

    Let’s start with the exterior – recliner’s versatile transitional shape and lightly accentuated leather exterior make it the perfect addition to any interior. A wired remote with large buttons allows you to easily position the recliner’s feet and back, and control the 8-po...
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  • The China International Medical Equipment Fair 2023

    The China International Medical Equipment Fair 2023

    On May 14-17, we will participate in The China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) and showcase our reliable lift chairs for home medical use. Lift chairs can be used by recovering people or anyone who needs a little lift to get out of a chair. Designed for stress-free getting out of bed...
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  • Take Quality Very Seriously

    \ JKY Furniture, we take quality very seriously. We specialize in creating the most comfortable and durable recliners and lift chairs you’ll ever experience. 1>We use only the highest quality materials for our recliners, including high-quality leather, soft fabrics, and sturdy frames to ...
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  • Benefits of Using Large Industrial Blowers

    Discover how large industrial blowers can improve productivity and save on energy costs. Large industrial blowers are an indispensable tool in many manufacturing and processing plants. These machines are designed to move large volumes of air, gas or other materials quickly and efficiently, making...
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  • How a Lift Chair Can Improve Your Quality of Life?

    How a Lift Chair Can Improve Your Quality of Life?

    Getting out of a chair can become increasingly difficult as you get older or develop a physical disability. Not only does this affect our independence, it can also cause discomfort and pain. Fortunately, chair lifts offer solutions to these problems that can dramatically...
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  • Best Selling of Home Theater Seating

    The best-selling home theater recliner brings you the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Add these recliners to your living room, mantel, home theater, or entertainment room for an authentic movie theater experience that will impress even the greatest movie buff. After watching a movie on our motori...
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  • Power recliner is popular

    These days, power recliners are no longer the preserve of fancy movie theaters and nail salons. Instead, electric recliners are now more affordable than ever and come with a variety of features to choose from. But which features fit your needs? What kind of electric recliner will make your life m...
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  • Power Lift chairs provide a sense of style for the home

    The recliner chair adds style, comfort and functionality to any space it is placed in, making it an essential piece of furniture in every home. If you are looking for a recliner that is reliable, affordable, and provides a luxurious relaxing experience, then you should consider purchasing a power...
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  • All of our recliner safety, durability and performance

    All of our recliner and power chairlift products undergo extensive product testing to ensure safety, durability and performance. And these products of ours exceed the specified test standards in many cases, enough to meet the most demanding needs of customers. Some of the items tested against the...
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  • High-end Design Faux Leather Lift Recliner Chair with Heating and Massage for Elderly

    JKY Furniture High-end Design Faux Leather Lift Recliner Chair with Heating and Massage for Elderly Users can easily sit on the recliner, adjust any posture, and enjoy reading, watching TV, and relaxing.
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  • Bye-bye CIFF. Hope the best for Canton Fair

    For the past 4 days at CIFF, we were so happy to meet our old clients and to renew our business relationships. And also very excited to get to know so many new friends. Wish all the best for our nex exhibition.
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  • CIFF in Guangzhou. Meet You There!

      2 more days to go. Very excited to meet our old clients in Guangzhou and hopefully more new friend!!!!
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